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Friday, August 17, 2007

this is the advert for my sister's uni cup. This is an awesome video done by her gd friend! Enjoy! :)


2:30 AM

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

MORE PICS! THis time from ACSI band concert. It was really nice. They played all kinds of cool songs. Summer lovin, YMCA, Abba songs. It was really nice. interesting with all the saliva dripping from the bassoons. Yuck. but there was good entertainment value...

hilary and i at the concert hall, trying to get our shots right. haha

Nat and i. at the concert hall again. Strike one and success!

Marisa n i in the concert hall.

meera and i at haagen dazs for supper. it was funny. hahha. we took turns taking pics with diff poses n all. hahah

8:00 AM

its been ages!!!These are the BOB pics.

This is the winning band from ACS Barker. Sorry really bad pic.

Band from Hwa Chong. They were really not bad. They deserved to win in my opinion but ACS Barker was good too. No complaints.

ACS Independant band. Not bad.

MG band. AUGUST AVE RAWKS! duh. u guys did really well!

ACS International. THey were ok. Then they were obscene. The guy took off his top and his boxers were showing. I think they were desperate to get votes. wadeva.

TKGS band. They were good. Drummer was really good. The lead singer a bit poser-ish in my opinion. Trying too hard to be a rockstar...

Last year's winner from ACS Barker too. Hmph. They were very very good.

MG at judgement time. Its ok if u din win. u guys rawked.

BOB was really fun. but after a while i just wanted to nappy nap. but i enjoyed myself!

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

This is part of a russell peter's show. Its CRAZY FUNNY. But BEWARE! Offensive and sick material in here. Enjoy!:)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
this post is gonna be in malay in preparation for my oral exam tmr. Everyone pray for me k!

Sya bangun hari ini berasa seperti saya baru keluar dari neraka. Esok adalah ujian lisan O'level saya. Saya diberitahu maklumat yang amat membahagiakan ini hanya semalam. saya tidak boleh bercakap dalam ayat yang lengkap dan sempurna. Kesimpulannya, saya akan menemui ajalku esok. Haii...

Esok juga ada kuiz kimia dan lusa, saya akan ada ujian sastera inggeris dan pelajaran sosial. Bagi maklumat kamu, saya belum belajar sastera dan ia merupakan satu subjek yang saya tidak baik dalam.

Life's just peachy. sry if u din understand this.


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Sunday, June 24, 2007
This is my movie post where i talk all abt movies. Kinda obvious rite?

These are the movies i have watched and loved.

Spiderman rawked man! the visual effects were off the hook!

Shrek 3 was crazy funny!

This movie has style and lotsa laughs. Its in tamil so... if u dont noe, read the subtitles but the subtitles only last for the first 10 mins or so... heck.

Movie i am disappointed with

it was pretty boring except for Captain Jack Sparrow and the fighting scenes.

Movies i wanna watch

Looks cool.

Which Harry Potter Fan in their right mind wouldnt want to watch this huh?

Loved rush hour 1 and 2 and most likely gonna love this! chris and jacky are such a great n hilarious team!


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Friday, June 22, 2007
Hello! it's friday. the last friday of freedom. school's gonna start on monday. bleh. today i went to esplanade with xian wen and we researched like crazy! we read thick volumes filled with god knows wat. then we listened to cds of music from all over the world hoping to get an idea of wat to do. finally we chose very similar topics but heck. we can help each other through. AND we had fun too. we went window shopping in marina square n ate lunch in swensens and dessert at haagen dazs. and we had to borrow this girl's cashcard to pay for the photocopier machine. THNX to her!! :) i had fun. :)

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